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About us

The website www.tourisme-alsace.pro est un projet d'Alsace Destination Tourisme en partenariat avec l'Agence d'Attractivité de l'Alsace et le Réseau des Offices de Tourisme d'Alsace.

Alsace Destination Tourisme

The Alsace Destination Tourisme agency is a non-profit association, funded by the Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin Departmental Councils. It prepares and implements the tourism policies of the departments, established by the Departmental Councils in coordination with the Regional Council of Alsace. The agency unites tourism stakeholders, promotes the destination in European markets, coordinates initiatives, and develops and adapts tourism products.

Access Alsace - Agence d'Attractivité de l'Alsace

Access Alsace is a non-profit association, funded by the Regional Council, whose principal mission is to communicate and promote Alsace as a tourist destination in France, in Europe and in international markets. To do this, Access Alsace establishes and implements a communication strategy (media and non-media), manages press relations and represents Alsace at trade shows and other events.

The Alsace Tourist Office Network

The Alsace Tourist Office Network (RésOT-Alsace) is a non-profit association responsible for the coordination and federation of the tourist offices in Alsace. RésOT-Alsace aims to "Make quality reception an additional tourism asset for Alsace and its destinations". The region has entrusted the network with the management and development of the tourism information database (LEI).

Alsace Destination Tourisme and Access Alsace

Alsace Destination Tourisme and Access Alsace are your preferred contacts to:

  • Better acquaint you with Alsace’s highlights by providing different materials: photos, videos, presentations, etc.
  • Guide you in the development of your holiday offers.
  • Put you in contact with tourism professionals in Alsace (hotels, restaurants, tourist sites, tourist offices, incoming agencies, etc.) who offer products adapted to your clients, whether for business or leisure, individuals or groups.
  • Promote your programme and increase Alsace holiday sales by working together to implement an action plan to:
    • Boost and motivate your distribution and sales network,
    • Communicate together to your final clients through online and offline campaigns.

Promotional services

Promotional services also include:

  • Participation in essential professional trade shows and workshops.
  • 100% Alsace workshops in cities near you so you can meet motivated partners.
  • Organisation of fam-trips (discovery or thematic) to learn more about our region and our new products.
  • Street marketing events and “co-branding” actions with well-known stores and brands to better get our message across in your country.
  • Ambitious communication campaigns increasingly built around online actions, especially social networks. 

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