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By bike

EuroVelo is a cycle route network of over a dozen itineraries all throughout Europe with special signposting, totalling more than 70,000 km of trails, from Dublin to Moscow, from Madrid to Athens or from Copenhagen to La Valette.

Alsace is at the crossroads of three EuroVelo cycle routes:

EuroVelo 15: From the source of the Rhine to its mouth in the North Sea

Linking Andermatt in Switzerland to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, this route crosses through Alsace, following the Rhine cycle route along the majestic river featuring around twenty locks. In the south, the trail enters Alsace in the Sundgau area, rightly known as a cyclist’s paradise. It then joins Neuf-Brisach, the magnificent Vauban citadel, before continuing on through the green and calm landscapes of the Ried along the Rhone-Rhine canal, with its Illwald nature reserve and the peaceful pilgrimage site of Notre Dame de Neunkirch. After crossing through Strasbourg, a city listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the cycle route comes to another nature reserve, the Sauer delta, at the north of its passage in Alsace.

EuroVelo 6: From the Atlantic to the Black Sea

This iconic trail totalling more than 3,650 km links Saint-Nazaire to Constanta in Romania, following 5 great international rivers. A small part of the route crosses the southern part of Alsace to Mulhouse via Franche-Comté before heading towards Switzerland by way of Basel.

EuroVelo 5: From London to Apulia in Italy

The 3,900 km of this cycle route crosses through 7 countries including France. In Alsace, it passes along the Vineyard Cycle Route, inaugurated in 2013 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Wine Route. From Marlenheim to Thann, this exclusive itinerary winds through a hundred vibrant and picturesque towns and villages, dotted with gourmet stops.