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Commented tours

Découvrez quelques grands sites alsaciens lors de visites commentées avec un guide conférencier ou un audioguide pour en savoir plus sur l'architecture, les vins, l'histoire...
Les résultats ci-après sont indiqués par ordre alphabétique.


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These boat trips, from Sarrewerden to Sarre-Union, allow you to experience at first hand the River Sarre, its natural surroundings and its history.
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An original way to discover the old town of Wissembourg and the vineyards of Schweigen. The commentars are in English.
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Explore Obernai with the little white train ! Combine a simple means of transport with a guided tour of the town, with comments broadcast via individual headsets, to make the most of your visit or stay in Obernai.
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This original combination between "steam railway and Rhine" takes you through the Alsatian Ried. You have a boattrip on the Rhein and a trip with an old railwat.
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A bord d'une barque menée par un guide passionné par l'environnement qui l'entoure, laissez-vous glisser au fil de l'eau.
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Let yourself float along the water, steered by an enthusiastic guide with expert knowledge of the local environment.
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Visite historique, naturelle et imaginaire du Ried en barque plate.
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Commentaries: F-D-GB-I-E Chinese-Russian- Portuguese. Departure: from the Place du Château (Cathedral).
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Tour around the ramparts and vineyards. Photo stops. Return trip through the old town. Departure : Place de la Mairie.