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Bendorf Brewery

The Bendorf is a microbrewery where urban craft beers are made, in the Neudorf district at the centre of Strasbourg. Founded in 2013 by Benjamin Pastwa, the Bendorf Brewery has grown constantly. It now has four staff members who keep the young company running smoothly: Benjamin, Matthieu, Félix and Soizic. Their goal is, of course, to create, brew and offer delicious, generously hopped, high-quality beers full of bold aromas. At Bendorf, we love hops, and we adore working with them in every shape and size! We are firmly committed to quality as well. All of our malt, as well as most of our hops, are certified organic. And in addition to having this organic certification, some of our raw materials are sourced locally.
rue Jean Jaurès

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