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Les ateliers de cuisine "181 °C" vous plongent l'espace d'un instant sous la toque d'un grand chef !
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In Strasbourg city centre, next to the Alsatian and Historical Museums, a team of professional chefs will help the group (of 6 to 150 people) make their own meal, followed by a tasting session on site.
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Cooking lessons and "table d'hôtes". Learn new recipes, share a moment of conviviality and surprise your family and friends!
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Illkirch Graffenstaden
Incoming agency located in Strasbourg, Lille, Paris, Bordeaux and Brussels specialized in tourism and brewing events.
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L'oenotourisme "sur mesure" partout en Alsace. Découvrez le vignoble Alsacien en Segway. Balades accompagnées.