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Discover a unique place in Alsace: the House of the distiller; an interactive museum on the art of distillation of brandy and whiskey...
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Val de Moder
Distillation of brandy and whisky...
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Dambach la Ville
La Distillerie Mersiol, c'est avant tout, une histoire de famille très conviviale !..
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An alchemy somewhere between tradition and modernity...
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Saint Pierre Bois
Mon. - Fri. 8:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 - 17:30 Visit from 9:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 17:00..
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from February to November, Mon. - Sat. 9:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 18:00..
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Artisanal and family distillery situated on the Alsatian wine road...
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Mon. - Sat. 9:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 18:00..
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Monsieur Hoeffler in person will take you on a tour of his distillery and introduce you to the ancient techniques of double distillation and will introduce you to a host of spirits and liqueurs made from different fruit and flowers.....