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Cheese dairy

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Come to discover the farm of Glasborn which opens their doors to the visitors.only on reservation
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Discover Munster's secret. Come visit an unusual place to learn about the manufacturing of Munster, an adventure where you'll learn about our know-how and our region.
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Sainte Marie aux Mines
Craft distillery. Open daily on reservation.
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Guided tour of the stall - From February to Decembre : milking at 6 pm - Cheese factory. Take part to the weekly market on Tuesday and Friday at Haguenau and on Wednesday at Brumath.
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Farming of dairy cow, heifer and pigs. To the cheese dairy the unpasteurized milk is exchange in yoghurt, cottage cheese, fromage blanc, farmers.
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Dairy cow farmer, dairy product sale : Tomme de l'Ill*Wald (nettle, cumin, garlic and herbs), varied cheese, butter, soft white cheese, yogurt,.
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Elevage de 500 chèvres laitières, fabrication et vente de produits charcutiers, fromagers et pâtissiers.
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Produits en vente : Munster, barikaas, Tome nature ou aromatisée, Fromage frais, beurre. Ouverture de juin à octobre, fermeture le lundi.
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Breitenbach Haut Rhin
Visite de la ferme et découverte du fromage toute l'année. Découvrez 35 vaches laitières : des vosgiennes, des montbéliardes et des frisonnes.