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Waterborne tourism

On the Rhine, on the Ill around Strasbourg, on the canals leading to the Marne, via the impressive inclined plane of Arzviller, or on the Rhône, discover Alsace from the water. (Results A-Z)


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Boats for hire with or without a licence, for one hour, 1/2-day or full day...
Cruise, pay a visit, take a stroll, go to a tasting, discover the differences of the region!..
PERMIT-FREE ELECTRIC BOAT HIRE Head out onto the water by renting a boat for an hour or more: you’re the skipper!..
Let yourself float along the water, steered by an enthusiastic guide with expert knowledge of the local environment...
On the Ill and its arms for a historical and naturalistic visit of the Ried, embark with the boatman of the Ried, local actor of ecotourism...
Waltenheim sur Zorn
Go on a stress-free holiday on board the licence-free houseboats...
On the canal from the Rhone to the Rhine, pleasure craft dock at the Dannemarie-Wolfersdorf marina...
Cruise, pay a visit, take a stroll, go to a tasting, discover the differences of the region!As a couple, or as a family, or with friends, you can dream about a week-end, a few days or a week afloat to discover the freedom of the waterways of France, Germany or Portugal.Lock by lock, village by village, savour an unforgettable break aboard a comfortable fully equipped 2 to 12 berth cruiser, without any need for a licence.You’ve never skippered a boat before?..
The practice of water skiing: bi-skiing, monoski, figure skiing, slalom, wakeboarding ... is open to beginners and experienced skiers...