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Other tourist routes

The Rhine Route

The legendary Rhine River originates in the Swiss Alps and flows into the North Sea. Navigable beginning in Basel, the river is one of the most frequented waterways in the world.

The Rhine lines the Alsace region from Basel to Lauterbourg and forms a natural border of more than 200 km between France and Germany.

The Rhine Route crosses the plain of the river and takes visitors on a tour of diverse landscapes including forests and preserved areas.

Itinerary suggestion

The Rhine cycle route - EuroVelo 15

The Northern Vosges Route

Discover sites and landscapes on the route:

The Central Vosges Route

donon © OTHVB D. Betsch

The Middle Vosges peak at an altitude between 900 and 1,100 metres. Easily accessible, a road network through mountain passes leads visitors to forested summits, mountain pastures and deep valleys.

In addition to traditional tourist sites, this region of the great outdoors has numerous activities for leisure sports including hiking, MTB trails, and downhill and cross country-skiing.


The Potters Route

Beyond the forest of Haguenau is the Outre-Forêt. Bordered to the east by the Rhine River and encroaching on the foothills of the Northern Vosges to the west, this area features hills, valleys and forests with numerous tourist sites: