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If ceramics remains the most visible, local craftsmanship is declined in a multitude of know-how (wood carving, marquetry, stone carving, popular imagery...). Craftsmen, crafts and catering trades open their doors or offer internships, demonstrations.... (Results A-Z)


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Installed since 1996 in the old sauerkraut Fischer factory of rue Rapp, in the heart of old-Colmar, the Espace d'Art Contemporain André Malraux offers each year 5 free exhibitions where you can discover an artist or a presentation of the work of students of the Training Workshop in Visual Arts in Colmar (in June)....
Wangenbourg Engenthal
Discover this art gallery originally designed in an old Alsatian farmhouse in the heart of Hurtigheim....
This is the way we call the person who makes flat-bottomed boats....