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Pays d'Eguisheim et de Rouffach
The white stork, a wader with a mainly white plumage and partially black wings, is one of the emblems of Alsace.
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Storks, duck-pond, swans, fallow deers, lamas, dwarf goats. Mini-train, go karts, electrical cars, King-Kong, playgrounds, mini-golf… Group rates per person:
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Since 1992, the town of Oberbronn has invested particular effort into safeguarding the presence of this bird, which is inseparable from the image of our region, by providing it with year round food, care, and the chance to reproduce.
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Game in search of a treasure - in French
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Park of ten white storks.
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Open every day.
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Soultz Haut Rhin
Summer/winter watching, inside and around the Roselière (reedy marsh).
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Many stork nests once adorned the roofs of Molsheim. But throughout the years, they have become scarce and the only remaining nest was often left empty.