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Parks & gardens

The originality of the gardens of Alsace lies in their intimate nature: romantic, classical, contemporary, regular, poetic, medieval, recreational or rustic. Discover the Alsace Parcs and Gardens. (Results A-Z)


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This garden presents the essential characteristics of the standard Garden : « green carpet  lawn », sculpted grounds, the relaxation room with its fountain.....
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Garden of 4 acres with 7,500 rose-trees of 550 different varietes...
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More than 6000 different plant species are exhibited in gardens covering 3,5 ha., as well as in tropical and cold greenhouses...
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Husseren Wesserling
With its five sumptuous gardens classified as “Remarkable Garden”, its textile ecomuseum, its Creators’ Pavillion and collection, unique in France, of buildings linked to the textile industry accessible via a discovery trail outside, the old Wesserling royal manufactory is a unique site in Alsace...
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Remarkable natural area of 25 ha, which is both a place of discovery and ideal for walking...