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Memorial sites

Many fortified works, battle sites, memorials and museums bear witness to Alsace's complex past to be discovered on histoire-alsace.com. (Results A-Z)


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Opened in 1941, Struthof is the only structure of its type on French soil. 52,000 prisoners were forced to work in the quarry near the camp. 22,000 people died here, often of hunger and exhaustion...
Dinsheim sur Bruche
Built from 1893 to 1918 on the orders of William II, Emperor of Germany, the Kaiser Wilhelm II Festo, "Mutzig Fort", was the first German fortification built in concrete, fully bathed, ventilated and illuminated by electricity...
Vallée de Munster
The Col de la Schlucht (1139m) upon the peak route "Route des Crêtes" is an old strategic street that was constructed by French troops in 1915...
La Wantzenau
12 km from Strasbourg, in a surface area of more than 7,000 sq. metres, this exhibition, one of a kind in Europe, presents a huge collection dedicated to the Second World War and the main warring parties: hundreds of mannequins, armoured vehicles, lorries, light vehicles and motorcycles, personal items, an aeroplane, a German E-boat floating in water, etc...
17 km North of Haguenau (to get there, follow road D263 from Soultz-sous-Forêts, the 1st road on the left D65 at the entry of the village leading to the forest). 620 soldiers who made up the garrison continued to fight in 1940 until the Armistice was signed (July 1st 1940)...
You, the visitor, will easily be able to discover the different parts of the Neuf-Brisach fortifications by following Vauban’s tracks...
Saint Amarin
Relics of the Vosges Front (1914-1918), religious relics (15th-19th c.), seals and coins of Alsace, relics of the Wildenstein glassworks, religious art, crafts of the past, etc…..
Building of the fortress: 1930-1935...