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Sainte Marie aux Mines
An authentic mining site brimming with history...
Who wouldn't like to see how a car is assembled, how beer is brewed or how electricity is produced from waste ?..
Housed in an 300 m2 attic of the former tithe barn in Gertwiller, the museum displays some 11000 tools related to the production of bread, gingerbread, biscuit and chocolate and is also dedicated to popular Alsatian art and rural life in the past...
The organ experience Immerse yourself in the heart of music to discover a unique instrument in the world...
The famous Alsace potash mines are now closed but can be discovered in the company of a former miner...
Collections of earthenware pottery from Betschdorf, other Alsatian villages and the Rhineland, from the Middle Ages to the 20th c...
Merkwiller Pechelbronn
History of petroleum in Alsace from 1498 to the closing down of the refinery in 1970...