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Eco-friendly Alsace!

Alsace without my car

Alsace can be explored without using a car thanks to eco-friendly transport which emits lower rates of CO2 and therefore pollutes the environment less.
This new system means that visitors can arrive using other means of transport than their own car and discover the main tourist sites in Alsace by shuttle bus or train. These routes give visitors the opportunity of preparing their holidays and outings in Alsace without using a car.

The map presents a selection of 44 lines (14 by rail and 30 by coach) going to sites famous for their natural beauty, heritage or leisure activities:

  • Access to the region by train (mainline national and international rail links) and the regional airports (with shuttle services) and other airports nearby,
  • List of bike hirers and other innovative forms of transport in Alsace,
  • Plan of the lines highlighting stops at places offering tourist attractions (accommodation, sight-seeing, tourist offices, locations on cycling or hiking routes, ...),
  • Box on www.vialsace.eu where you will find all details on the bus – car – tram – train routes in the region (itineraries– timetable– rates– network),
  • The most important sites are illustrated with snapshots photos to visualise the destination more easily.

On the back of the map, there is an introductory description of each of the lines, including information on transport times and the days on which the services run each week.

These trilingual logbooks is online: Alsace without my car.